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Our Fleet

A varying fleet for all sizes of individuals or groups

Air Safaris operate a large, modern, and high standard fleet of piston and turbo prop single and twin engine aircraft. The fleet of aircraft are capable of carrying from 5 to 15 passengers each. All aircraft operated by Air Safaris are owned and maintained by the company.

Each aircraft type has been selected for its reliability, passenger comfort and great viewing opportunities. Each aircraft is configured so every seat has its own window!

Air Safaris operates the respected and well proven Bell 206 L3 Longranger helicopter type.  With large bulged windows, it is excellent for scenic viewing for  up to a maximum of 6 passengers. One passenger sits beside the pilot with club seating in the main cabin for up to five passengers

All aircraft are available for private and commercial air charter

GAF Nomad N24A – Twin Turbo Prop

  • Number of Aircraft

  • Number of Passengers

    Up to 15

The N24A is a high wing, twin turboprop aircraft with renowned short takeoff and landing characteristics and unrivalled low noise emission. It has been described as the benchmark for all scenic flying aircraft.

Its roots in military, coastguard and flying doctors operations have shown the N24A to be a very capable machine, and in over 20 years of operation in the Southern Alps with Air Safaris the Nomad has proved extremely reliable and popular with both pilots and passengers.

The N24A is powered by two Allison 250 B17B turbine engines, each generating 420 HP. Its unique aileron and flap system allows impressive slow speed characteristics which in turn give the Nomad the ability to operate in and out of shorter runways at higher elevations than most aircraft of a similar size.

With wings above the aircraft and a window for every passenger, the N24A provides the perfect platform for viewing the spectacular alpine scenery from above. A central aisle and large side door with purpose built passenger steps allow easy passenger entry and exit.

Air Safaris operate 2 N24As, each carrying up to 15 passengers.

Air Safaris have found the N24 Nomad to be very reliable and a favourite with both pilots and passengers.

Cessna 208B Grand Caravan – Turbo Prop

  • Number of Aircraft

  • Number of Passengers

    Up to 13

The C208B is a high wing aircraft powered by one large, powerful Pratt and Whitney PT6A-114A turbine engine producing 675 HP and providing a smooth, quiet ride. We also have a brand new 2016 C208B EX Grand Caravan with a PT6A-140 turbine engine producing 867 HP.

The engines and propeller combination also results in a very small “noise footprint”, meaning that people on the ground are minimally affected by the aircraft passing overhead.

The C208B is a proven workhorse with applications around the world in many different fields of aviation, from commuter work to cargo, skydiving and, of course, scenic flying.

Known for its rugged undercarriage and good performance in short runway situations, the C208B is again an ideal choice for Air Safaris operations in the alpine environment.

We carry up to 13 passengers in our C208B, with every seat positioned to have its own window. This configuration, coupled with the high wing design, enables unrivalled passenger viewing.

Easy entry and exit for passengers is guaranteed by the central aisle, the large door and the purpose built passenger steps.

Gippsland Aeronautics GA8

  • Number of Aircraft

  • Number of Passengers

    Up to 7

The GA8 is a relatively new aircraft to the market, and one which has taken the scenic flying industry by storm. Its huge windows, central aisle and large sliding cabin door give the GA8 the feel of a much larger aeroplane than its 7 passenger capacity, and it is these features that have significantly raised the standard in scenic flying aircraft over the existing smaller aeroplanes on the market.

The views from each seat are stunning, and the GA8 regularly receives praise from passengers at the end of a scenic flight who are beaming at their time in the mountains and their great photos.

Powered by a Lycoming IO540 6 cylinder piston engine developing 300 HP, the three normally aspirated GA8s in the fleet have quickly replaced the older fleet of piston engine Cessnas.

In September 2009, Air Safaris took delivery of the new turbocharged version – the GA8 TC320 which provides greater performance at higher altitudes and also uses a revolutionary new 3 bladed scimitar propeller which significantly reduces the aircraft’s noise emission.

The four GA8s use an innovative high lift wing design to provide good load carrying characteristics while still performing well on shorter, high altitude runways.An ongoing aim of the company to operate a modern fleet has certainly been fulfilled with the introduction of the four Airvans.

Bell 206L-3 Longranger

  • Number of Aircraft

  • Number of Passengers

    Up to 6

The Bell 206L-3 is one of the most successful helicopter designs to have ever been developed. Intially designed for the U.S. Army as the Jetranger, the LongRanger spawned in 1975 to cater for a larger group of passengers – seating up to 5-6 in a club seating format.

  • Powered by a Rolls Royce 250-C30 engine
  • Fuel burn of approx 140 litres/hour of Jet A-1
  • Maximum speed of 130 knots, scenic cruise speed of 105 knots
  • Large, unobstructed windows for supreme viewing
  • Satellite tracking & communications

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