Robinson R44 Raven II

IMG_1518The R44 is one of the world’s most popular helicopters and is flying in just about every country around the world. First produced in 1992 there are still 3-4 R44’s being produced every week by the Robinson factory in the USA. Ideally suited for 2-3 passengers the R44 has exceptional visibility for all passengers (individual windows) and its open plan cabin makes it very comfortable to travel in.

The R44 is powered by a Lycoming IO-540-AE1A5 fuel injected piston engine. It develops 245 bhp and uses approximately 65-70 lts per hour of Avgas. It has a maximum speed of 130 knots and a cruise of 115 knots. Interestingly the R44 holds the world speed record for a piston engine helicopter.

A56Q0420 copyWith its low operating cost and wide range of operating ability it is a very integral part of the Air Safaris fleet. Very quiet interior noise levels and the ability to easily shut the engine down at remote landing sites has proven very popular with passengers. For many passengers it is their first helicopter experience and they are without exception thrilled with the R44.